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Louise Bourgeois — She Lost It, (‘92)

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    i was tagged by betteroffred

    Name: morgan
    Nickname: morg, mo, etc
    Birthday: august 24th
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: straight
    Height: 5’6”
    Time Zone: central
    What time and date is it there: 12:55am september 23rd
    Average hours of sleep I get each night: always either too much or too little
    The last thing I googled was: panera’s hours 
    My most used phrase(s): kinda, i don’t care, ugh
    First word that comes to mind: stress
    What I last said to a family member: ugh, via snapchat.
    One place that makes me happy & why: coffee shops because i can be surrounded by people but still keep to myself
    How many blankets I sleep under: one.
    Favorite beverage(s): coffee, iced tea, beer, whiskey, red wine 
    The last movie I watched in the cinema: guardians of the galaxy
    Three things I can’t live without: a camera, music, coffee
    Something I plan on learning: yoga! 
    A piece of advice for all my followers: it’s important to take care of yourself. don’t be afraid to put yourself and your needs before others.

    i tag: webuildwebreakadriannaevonne, chels3aa, aimeekuli, chance22royale, julianllamado, theautumnseeker, denythebeginning, st3ramofconscience, aubreyblahza

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